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Everglades, situated in state of Florida is one of the biggest swamp areas in USA.
The swamp was over centuries of water pouring from lake Okeechobee.
What makes Everglades special is a rich animal and plant world ( from aligators to bears and a variety of different types of plants).





To do

There's a number of different things and activities to do and see in Everglades National Park, ranging from biking and exploring the animal world to exciting airboat rides trough the swamp. You can also equip yourself at the visitor centres for maps, brochures and information regarding the park.
In Everglades National Park, if you're bored then you're doing something wrong, join a park ranger for an hour walk along various paths or photograph alligators just a few metres away from them, enjoy an evening campfire with your friends.

Everglades is the 3rd largest National Park in the USA and is visited by more than 1,000,000 people every year. When people mention Everglades
they mostly think on alligators, and for a good reason. Swamp areas are heaven for alligators and that's what makes them thrive in that ecosystem,
but not only alligators but a large number of birds is also attracted to it because of very good feeding locations.

To sum up, Everglades is a beauty to behold, if you're there for the animals, plants or just the sightseeing you will be amazed.